About Me

My name is Angelina.  Born in South Korea, raised in the USA, and now based in Hong Kong, I am a private jeweler with a passion for diamonds and jewelry.    I knew I had this obsession from an early age when I would always “borrow” my mother’s jewelry as a toddler (much to her chagrin!) and “designing” my own engagement ring at the age of 11.   However, life took me in a different direction and I ended up with a job in the world of banking.

After some years, my own search for an engagement ring with my husband re-ignited the inner spark, enthusiasm, and passion I had for diamonds. I quickly found myself leaving my job to pursue a career in diamonds.    I got my certification from the GIA and studied jewelery design in Bangkok.   Alas, fate brought me to an amazing company in Hong Kong where I now live my dream of designing bespoke jewelry and working with diamonds!

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